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liveeyetv.org: The Jack Cades "Music For Children"

Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to The Jack Cades–a “supergroup” of sorts hailing from the UK. Specializing in 60’s era garage/psych/rhythm & blues, with a gob of snotty punk thrown in for good measure, the band kicked things off in late 2017 when lead guitarist/vocalist Mike Whittaker and his wife, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Elsa Whittaker, decided to record some tracks at Matthew “Mole” Lambert‘s notorious State Records Studios in Folkestone, Kent.

With Mike, Elsa and Mole already veterans of numerous projects like Thee Vicars, The Baron Four, The Missing Souls, and The Embrooks–to name a just few–these early recording sessions seemed loaded with heaps of promise. The band invited bassist John Gibbs (The Masonics, The Wildebeests) to participate, and with Mole on drums, the quartet laid down the tracks that would become their debut mini-LP Music For Children, due out this coming May 18th on Dirty Water Records. While the group’s busy musical schedules initially made it hard to imagine they would have time for this new venture, their work together sounded too good to shelve, and Dirty Water Records reports they have since added bassist Alexandra of Speedball JR to their ranks.

“Get A Life” premiers today and it finds the band showing off their vintage garage sound; but it’s also laced with that kind of rambunctious punk edge that will stop you dead in your tracks. Must be something in the water, or that ocean air, but the recordings coming out of Lambert’s State Records Studios sound like a time capsule straight from the mid-60’s–and this Music For Children cut is no exception. Shambolic and raw in the best of ways, the guitar interplay here between the Whittakers makes for that kind of wild ride that always sounds like it might jump the tracks in a fiery crash. With Mole’s galloping drumming helping to set a frenetic pace, and shout-along choruses from the group threatening to break the mics, “Get A Life” is an infectious introduction to The Jack Cades sure to have you coming back for another fix.

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