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Sound Renaissance: Mark Sultan "Let Me Out"

Over the span of nearly three decades, Canadian musician Mark Sultan has amassed an immense discography from a slew of garage bands — most notably The Spaceshits and The King Khan & BBQ Show. His solo career, however, has become a vehicle of musical autonomy. He single-handedly takes on all instruments in a way that convincingly rivals a full band. His new 13-track album Let Me Out is the upshot of 60s garage and psychedelic flair. The album’s opening track, “Coffin Nails,” is a fuzzed-out time warp — oozing with gritty organs and fluid drums.

For a solo artist, Sultan masters each layer with mere aptitude. “Believe Me” and “Last Chance” are taut with hypnotic undertones and carved out with dynamic drums, blues-driven bass, and static-laden guitar riffs. The rhythm kicks into high gear on “Don’t Bother Me” and “Black Magic.” A subtle component of punk finds its way into each groove and shimmy.

Matching a precise throwback sound in 2018 isn’t easy to pull off. Some bands attempt it, but underlying clues in production and delivery often yield a dead giveaway. On Let Me Out, Sultan writes songs that should have been written over five decades ago. In its grainy analog texture, this album could easily pass as a latter-day golden nugget.

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