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53rd & 3rd: Mark Sultan "Let Me Out"

If you haven’t heard Mark Sultan’s new album, Let Me Out, don’t worry, I gotchu! Here’s a taste with the opening cut, “Coffin Nails”. I know whatcha thinkin’, picking the opening cut sounds like some lazy writer shit, but hear me out, this album is not a bunch a cool tracks thrown together willy-nilly. No, no, no! Let Me Out is a moody, cinematic, psychedelic garage soul album that demands to be experienced in its entirety. This album is a Mark “Bbq” Sultan master class in garage rock soul (with a lil’ bit o’ surf). Sultan wields some deadly serious fuzz, organ, and twangy surf guitar with a Samurai’s precision to mesmerizing effect. And I’m not saying Let Me Out is a concept album, but there’s an entire exploitation movie in here and it’s dark and dangerous!

“Coffin Nails” is the perfect entry-point to Let Me Out. Sultan perfectly punctuates each moody verse with haunting minor key organ bursts and surfy guitar echoes, to which he replies with some equally fiery fuzz. First rate moody psych suspense thrills and chills in the first 3 minutes!

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