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Metronome Magazine: Suicide Generation "Last Suicide"

These frenetic Spanish punks moved to London to further their careers and get closer to the edge since their first album. There appears to have been some line up changes since then. “Hypnotise Me” rolls over you like a bad rash of barely contained enthusiasm and desperation, as if singer Sebastian Melmoth can’t make up his mind if he wants to be Lux Interior or Iggy Pop. “Trapped In This Place” works up a tasty riffology for the singer to vomit over. “Rotten Mind” careens in and out of control, but has a tasty solo to focus your attention for just a few seconds. “Hole in Her Head” slows down a bit then tries to drive you mad with stop-starts. “You Gonna Burn” relies on a cool riff, an all too short solo and the backing vocals to remain memorable. Rockabilly is an acquired taste, but “When I Think About You” does the job, and then devolves into more of a frenzy. The guitar work of “Death Smile” could remind you of early Los Angeles based X, though the yelping vocals are a far cry from John Doe and Excene Cervenka. “I Wanna See You Die” cavorts through 3 chords in extremely short order while “Talk Trash” reverts back to Stray Cat blues on speed. “You Must Be A Witch” slams on the brakes for a moodier and more cerebral form, somewhat reminiscent of Lords Of The New Church with a reasonable Stiv Bator impression. “Suicide” closes off the set with a quick romp with nice competent guitars and drums until they crash the entire lot into an oncoming train. Effective punks always need to be their own worst enemies and this band has a singer to make sure they never get bored or remain completely in control. [Gecko]

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