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DGO: Suicide Generation "First Suicide"

...every now and again an album comes along right when it is needed. I needed something a little dirtier for this week’s review and enter London’s Suicide Generation. Featuring a lineup that shares current members of Atomic Suplex, The Cavemen, and Trash Culture, Suicide Generation is no throwaway side project. Apparently, the band approached Dirty Water and demanded they release a record (they have enough material for a double LP) and the label just couldn’t say no. “The formula is beers, blues, deadbeat punk and telling the stories of a sick and twisted world. Add three (additional) buzzsaw guitars and exile the low strings and you have Suicide Generation.” The music might not be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of spastic, dirty punk rock, then this record might just be for you.

Recommended for fans of, in the band’s own words, The Reatards, The Gun Club, Pussy Galore, and GG Allin.

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