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Uberrock: King Salami and the Cumberland 3 "Goin' Back To Wurstville"

Here's where the real sausage party starts people. London based band King Salami and The Cumberland Three are an eight-legged groove machine sent here to make you move your feet and shake your ass with their irresistible brand of ‘50s and ‘60s inspired grooves.
Along with those other Über recommendations Johnny Cage and The Voodoo Groove, King Salami and The Cumberland Three made a bit of a splash on BBC's ‘Best Part-Time Band’ mini-series last year.
'Back To Wurstville' is album number three for Dirty Water Records and it just makes you wonder how a band this good can only be doing this thing they do part time. The band channel the sound of the likes of The Sonics, The Rezillos and The New York Dolls into a melting pot and out comes one massive R&B flavoured rock 'n' soul party you will fall instantly in love with.
Opener 'Pineapple Mama' explodes from the speakers in a carnival of exotic sounds. Maracas, saxophone and hand claps fight to be heard as the crazed riffs of T Bone Sanchez come on like Wilco Johnson in his prime, the perfect match for the raw vocalisin' talents of the main man King Salami, a man who dresses like Huggy Bear and sounds like James Brown on uppers.
You just know these cats are gonna cause a riot live. 'Busy Body' is a prime example of the sorta groove this band can deliver, it's hot hot hot as a crazy bass line drives the song along at breakneck pace, and The King pulls all the moves out 'Time Warp' style, to get you moving, it's James Brown on Crack, a 33 played at 45.
Instrumentals 'King Ghidorah' and 'No Stoppin'' mix things up as the band pull every trick outta the bag. 'She Was A Mau Mau' has King screeching like King Louie, 'Stutterin' Sue' has The King stuttering too and 'Camel Hop' is a crazed bop that will make you...bop, hop and never want to stop.
It’s the little things that go a long way to make a record stand out from the crowd: an announcer bookends the album, introducing the band at the beginning and recommending at the end of side two that you remove the record and put it in a dust proof sleeve until next time… and believe you me that won’t be too long. That announcer happens to be Colonel Spencer, who also provides sexy sax.
Sure, King Salami And The Cumberland Three are doing nothing new and the riffs and melodies will be familiar already. But with their primal beats, Colonel Spencer's sexy sax, T Bone Sanchez' glorious licks and the King at the helm, this vintage style party shows no sign of slowing down. They make something old sound so fresh and goddamn essential in 2017, and I really don't want to listen to anything else right now.
Sausage jokes aside, this is a serious band and 'Goin' Back To Wurstville' is rhythmic, primal and its downright infectious and funky.  You need it in your collection, so go buy some wax and tell the King who sent you.
'Goin' Back To Wurstville' is out now.

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