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Indie For Bunnies: Suicide Generation "1st Suicide"

These figurative puzzles are based in London (though they come from various parts of the world), come from several of the most famous band (The Cavemen, Atomic Suplex, Trash Culture) and their motto is: "We'll fuck you with the long dick of rock'n'roll ", not bad to get started.

The first thing you notice? In the formation there are 3 guitars and zero bass, something new but unusual, the second is the delusional vein of the lyrics: "Suicidal thoughts is what i have / love is rape / love is death / i bought a gun to kill myself / as on baby you give me erection and make my mind full of infection, "" Love Is Hate ", an outstanding example. Here comes a question: genes or just a mass of mental retardation? It is your honor to find out. Returning to more practical things this "1st Suicide" is their debut album and could not be better than that. In just under 17 minutes, 9 tracks of very punk rock garage lo-fi nihilist, with blues influences and R'N'R '50s are condensed. Suicidal generation masters can be found in Stooges, and still Cramps, Angry Samoans, Radio Birdman, Richard Hell, Teengenerate, John Spencer Blues Explosion, G.G.Allin, Suicide, Pussy Galore and I'll stay here.

Already from the first track, "Suicide Generation", ours immediately make it clear what the full-lenght, full-length punk lo-fi is to the power, as I said before but with some surprise. "Set me On Fire" shows us the band 's most soul' R'N'R 'with a pure AC / DC style riff. "London Blues" is a clear inspiration to John Spencer though at a certain point I remember sacred monsters like John Lee Hooker (heresy awakening the masters, but can you listen to the song in the first place). In "Little Mama" we come across a fast-paced R'N'R boogie that involves the first listening, as I said before (for many) but not too much and this is where the record is winning, in evoking demons already known but at the same time keeping them alive, vibrant and slim. "Evil Everywhere" delights us with delicious surfing riffs and "You Love Me", the song's closing track, evokes sweet memories of my beloved Angry Samoans. At the end I already want to put it on the plate (the other day I've listened to it for a dozen times ...): a debut that turns out to be a real gem in the exquisite contemporary music scene.

Ultimately, if you're looking for something new and innovative, turn off this album, if you do not despise the sound of listening to it, I guarantee you will not regret it, you will join the Suicide Generation followers too.

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