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Fungal Punk: Lucy and the Rats "Girl" b/w "Lose My Mind"

Them there Dirty Water Records have been nudging the Fungal Arse (capital letters used of course) into action again and have me dabbling with a 2-track offering of uncomplicated arrangement.  Here is a small snippet of bumph that came with the elbow in the ribs:- 'It’s the summer of 2015. Lucy has been in London for a year and is bored of playing guitar at home by herself. She needs a band badly so she assembles together a bunch of deadbeats and outcasts from London’s punk rock underworld and starts rehearsing. Manu, Mike and Joe, who were together in Michael Jackson, become the Rats. Why not? How could you mess up such simple songs?  Lo and behold, the invention works! The melodies become power pop tunes and after a few rehearsals (if you could call it that) they start recording the songs. There is nobody quite like them; some have mentioned the Bangles, others Blondie, but neither is exactly right.'

Now for my take on matters, hold onto yer privates - in, out and shake it all about!

'Girl' is a honey-sweet stroll through pollinated fields of slowly zephyr-kissed rhythm that relies heavily on solar-steady and ever ready string crushes and pop punk girliness that comes from the verdant undergrowth of innocence.  A lovely sway to exacting noise that falls from delicious flower tops in a very tangible pollinating fashion.  We are the bystanders, we are the ones who get dusted by the gratifying grains and appreciate the whole fragrant fertilisation of our attention noggins.  Essences of 60's girl band offerings gently nudge into the mind, ones where naive sweetness and love soaked serenades were aimed at striking a chord - boy, they certainly did that.  A tidy listen this, very nice indeed!

Upturn and spin.

'Lose My Mind' follows the same style, this time with a gentle peck of impetus thrown in and an extra caress of persuasiveness.  Simplicity is taken, adorned in the most appealing of tonal trinkets and placed before our ever-open lugs with the sweetest smile required.  The chirpiness, youthful accent and sunshiny day elements once again make this produce not there to be kicked and criticised but there to be rolled along with and taken for what it is - pop music.  This shizzle is not going to change the world, it certainly isn't going to break any moulds but it stays true to its aim and tries to be nothing more than a pleasure - is that a mistake?  Remember we can't all be rocking and raving with fury all the time?  I'll leave it with you!

2 tracks, lapped up and rotated by this eclectic tinker and classed as 'pick up and play' music for those in need of a break from the more political and turbulent waters we punk shits get caught up in.  As the expectant parent said to the male mid-wife in times of great huffing and puffing tension - 'nicely delivered sir, nicely delivered!  Now smack that arse!

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