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Uberrock: The Cavemen "The Cavemen"

The band themselves claim to be "a great band to clear a party" but I'd have to say that any party this lot are playing at I'd want to be there!
Formed in New Zealand over a shared love of glue sniffing and wild rock 'n' roll, the band have now relocated to London to begin spoiling for a fight this side of the world and it's a promise that I bet they keep.
Musically this is a high octane, rip and tear, down and dirty, rude and crude, rip snorting blast of MC5, Cramps and Stooges primal riffs with visceral lyrics that you can't help but be amused and impressed with - "She said I don't wanna kiss ya, I'm in love with Adolf Hitler," from the genius of 'Rides With The Reich', for example.
It's not sophisticated or complex in any way, shape, or form but it's the full throttle, balls to the wall approach that reminds us that life shouldn't always be taken so seriously and that for these 13 tracks at least, we can forget life's issues and truly just fucking enjoy ourselves. That's rock 'n' roll in a nutshell isn't it?
The Cavemen produce the sort of racket that would have been king back in '77 with enough attitude, raised middle fingers and FUCK YOU! spirit to win anything they wanted (to be honest, they're the sort of band that would just ransack and take rather than accept a gift) and for all its obvious one style blast attack, the lyrics add another level with more than enough of them to really stick in your head as on virtually every song you'll hear something that will make you love them even more ("Kill the teachers, ban the homework, smash the classroom, fuck the lunchlady - 'School Sucks').
Raucous, venomous, delinquent and puerile and already in my top three albums of the year. The Dead Boys would be proud if they gave a fuck and at thirteen short, sharp blasts of solvent abuse music, they really have got this thing perfected.
The Cavemen have not yet progressed, let's hope they never do.
Let the party begin.

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