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Uberrock: Los Chicos "Rockpile of Shit"

Well, Dirty Water have credit in the bank aplenty for the calibre of artists on their label and Los Chicos are another off that ever impressive conveyor belt. Hey, if you want a snappy name for your record why not call it 'Rockpile Of Shit'? On the sleeve they proclaim it to be pub rock so pub rock is what we'll call it. How about 14 slabs of thick as pub rock? So lace up your dancing shoes, grab a bottle and let's go!
Getting straight down to business the record opens with 'A Kingdom Of Coolness' and vibrant four to the floor over driven lead guitar with a throbbing bass with some howling good melody over the top. Easy peezy this writing songs business must be when you know where you're heading with it.
'Older And Better' has the gang vocals over a shuffle beat and some honking horns for a howling good time. Man, the solo is raw and those vocals are loose but the groove these cats are in is infectious and it sounds like one hell of a garage party that's happening wherever they are. The title track is all sorts of boogie woogie.
There's no new ground being broken here just a rock and roll band giving the time honoured formula a right good time. Some are slightly wilder than others like 'Responsibilityville' which sounds like it's having a hoe down in the barn whilst 'More Beer' sounds like the best idea they had and you just have to love those horns a-honking. 'Miami Beach' has a little bit of the Cramps happening and maybe Lux has possessed the vocals. Perhaps the best song of the lot is 'Mommy's On MDMA' which isn't big or clever but, hey, shit happens! Besides, the chorus is great and the song is a keeper.
My only complaint is maybe fourteen songs is a little too long  - maybe had it been kept down to ten it would have been one hell of an album and 'Toga Land' is a great way to full stop your record with a wild and reckless party anthem. Los Chicos are the hosts and this party is in full swing - the beers are cold, the senoritas are hot and the band are having a blast. What's not to like?

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