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Uberrock: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Ugly Mobile"

Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers is a band that plays proper rock ’n’ roll!
Now I know we use the term rock ‘n’ roll quite a bit (like most websites/magazine do) when it’s not really rock ‘n roll music we’re talking about. Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim) and his gang though take all their influences from the roots of rock ’n’ roll, yet give it their own unique stamp and energy, playing their take on rock ’n’ roll with a garage band swagger and enthusiasm.
Influenced by the likes of Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale and the like this fourteen tracker released by the always cool Dirty Water label is actually a tidy bit of modern rockabilly which should also appeal to fans of psychobilly.
This is another one I like, and you can hear all the influences I’ve listed (and more) in there. The opening track ‘Bald Head, Hairy Guitar’, could have been written for a few of us Uber Rock reviewers, and as the album progresses it kind of makes me think most tracks would suit a Tarantino soundtrack just fine (think Pulp Fiction perhaps).
Anyway the tracks are: ‘Bald Head, Hairy Guitar’, ‘Ugly Mobile’, ‘Orangutan’, ‘One Armed Bandit’, ‘Sally Mae’, ‘Voodoo Love’, ‘Hieroglyphic’, ‘Ramona’, ‘Indestructible Love’, ‘Why Can’t I Find’, ‘Don’t Know Where To Start’, ‘Meanwhile Back In The Jungle’, Number One Son’ and ‘There’s Only One Louie’, and trust me, each one is guaranteed to make you want to get off your ass and dance.
‘Ugly Mobile’ is a cracking bit of “proper” rock ‘n’ roll and I bet this would be awesome live.

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