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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Ugly Mobile"

One of the great things about writing about music is getting a second or third go-round with a band whose music you've come to know. A new release from Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers is always a treat, and Ugly Mobile is the latest from this band.

The album kicks off with "Bald Head, Hairy Guitar" - a great example of what this band is all about. On the one hand this is pure rock n roll that hearkens back to the early days - including a beat that will get you moving your hips. It sounds like a song that could be in an Elvis movie. The other facet of this song is 60s surf rock. You hear it in the guitar. Combine all the elements and what you have is an irresistible rock n roll song. Oh, and if you like the vintage sound of that song, just wait until you hear "Voodoo Love". This sounds like a song that would be played on a jukebox like the one Fonzie controlled with his fist.

Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers is a band that tips its cap to rock n roll pioneers like Bo Diddley and Link Wray. The Bo Diddley influence is pretty heavy in the title track. The guitar in this song is right out of the Bo Diddley instruction book. The Link Wray influence comes through pretty strong in the in the reverb-drenched guitar of "Orangutan". It's hard not to think about "Rumble" when you hear this song.

One thing is for sure: this band makes songs that will get you moving. Not only that, but when you listen, you might either get the urge to pile your hair up with as much pomade as you need to hold it or put on your best poodle skirt. Ugly Mobile will be available from Dirty Water Records on April 22.

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