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Muso's Guide: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

This is the fabulous debut 45 from Harry Violet & The Sharks, a dark sax-driven rock & roll 4-piece from London. Most impressively recorded, produced, and pressed by the band themselves. They are "intent on mixing dive-bar jive and 12-bar rhythms with nightmarish grooves".

Citing their influences as The Cramps, The Lounge Lizards, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits and "the eccentricities of Joe Meek productions" and "inspired by the wild and wacky adventures of Frank Buck and the dystopian youth madness of A Clockwork Orange". Enough already, we get the picture. You are preaching to the converted.

'Jungle Cavalcade' is a low down dirty hip shakin’ stroller. I can picture all of the curvaceous leopard-print clad Betty Page-a-likes nonchalantly flipping their ponytails and giving the hot rockabilly dude the eye; a lucky strike hanging seductively from his mouth. Shake and shiver people, shake and shiver …    

Flipside 'Dance At The Korova', is a tale of working hard and letting loose. Madly jiving its way across the dancefloor. I’ll have a moloko plus with that please.

Two original numbers, and racking up less than five minutes in total - oh how you tease!! A great first single. Hope to catch the boys live soon.

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