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Making Time: Les Grys-Grys "Left Unseen"

In the past Purple Weekend held in December I was frankly shocked, almost knocked out for several concerts with bands in grace, from folk psychedelic rock of The Ripe through the garage of The Loons until the power pop Kurt Baker Combo, and of course the R & B black and amphetamine Les Grys-Grys, the first concert I could see the festival and made only those moments of delight that seemed to transport me to a club of R & London B in 1964/65 deserved worth the trip and disbursement.

Since then I became the sect of Les Grys-Grys and could not help review and recommend to the blog's second single group Montpelier, second vinyl delivery after 7 "debut published by State Records (THS-017) Hot composed Gully Wind / Neighbour Neighbour, wild R & B style of the first Pretty Things. This second single released by the London label Dirty Water Records with reference DWC1080 the end of 2015 is a slice that gives the hordes of FLEQUILLUDOS and agitamaracas two original compositions of the group, Left Unseen / It's Mighty Crazy.

Side A, Left Unseen, is wilder R & B white with punk spirit founded on a dynamic battery on which guitarrazos are thrown to the Yardbirds and The Who and the spirit of rave-up of group of Keith Relf and company flies over the composition. Sung in several voices, manic and pervasive maracas and harmonica occasionally enrich the sonic assault. The B-side, It's Mighty Crazy, it is almost three minutes hectic and crazy beat tracing melodic lines almost country & western melodic and vocal inflections choruses to Pretty Things on a razor-sharp guitar reaches nearly supersonic speeds. Amazing what these guys.

Les Grys-billed Grys not only crude and credible R & B, I live. His appearance, carefully and completely out of photos and videos of their musical heroes dating back to the period 1963-1966 first to leave clear that we face a wild gang of lovers of R & B. The energy of their concerts and recordings as faithfully captured in the grooves, have made them take the lead in the international scene sixties groups despite his youth. We followed the track closely and we need soon, his new sonic artifacts!

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