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Pure Rawk: Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons "Dirty Rock 'n' Roll"

Well this one nearly snuck under the radar, I only realised the Johnsons had a new one out because I happened to be standing next to the merch stall at a gig last week – a timely reminder to make sure you get your arses out there and see bands, not everything happens on the internet you know (he says posting reviews on said internet.... yeah I know).

With the departure of their bass player last year, there has been a bit of a dynamic shift, seeing this record give off a bit more or a garage rock sound.  There is however the notable exception of some guest double bass from Phil Polecat on a few tracks.

All the classic PATDJ trademarks are here in spades – big fuzzy guitars, plenty of attitude (Get Outta My Face), b-movie horror (Burying The Bodies) and a great sense of fun (Livin’ With Mum And Dad), whilst remaining good for a boogie throughout.  Plus there’s that unique, almost bubblegum, quality to Puss Johnson's voice... sometimes you could almost believe she was part cat, part rock’n’roll singer.  Maybe she really does have feline blood?

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