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Uberrock: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Who else would put out a record by two reprobates on the run from '60s garage and fucked-up psychedelia other than Dirty Water?  Well get ready for this post pre punk keyboard driven racket with its Moon the Loon drum style and fuzzed-up vocals.
Archie & The Bunkers kick off (literally) with ‘Sally Lou’ which is a bit of all of the above, then follow it up with the Munster psychout of ‘Lady In RKO’ sounding a lot like Vanian and his ‘Give Cindy The Knife’ side project from many moons ago, Naz Nomad. Well this is from the very same ball park.  
The vibe and groove they get into on ‘I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do’ is fantastic – so much so you wanna turn it up and get your groove on yourself. Part Fuzztones part Frisco acid but a whole lotta fun. Emmet And Cullen are teenage brothers which is staggering to believe such is the strength and talent displayed here. ‘Knifuli Knifula’ sounds like prime time Misfits played on a fuzzed-up organ and has a real authentic Jim Morrison lead vocal vibe which is cool by me and totally suits the music - I even dug the organ solo.
Don’t be fooled by the boys' tender ages because they hide a snarling all action rock n roll beast. Considering there is just two of them, my God, they make a racket and it’s not simply style over substance either. Songs like ‘Austria’ stand tall and have far reaching appeal in my humble opinion.
With a banging twelve tunes on offer, it’s not all one dimensional either. ‘I Wish I Could’ has a real punk / power pop edge to it and a really catchy chorus. ‘Trade Winds’ is up next and has a razor sharp melody and a brawling hook. Tucked away towards the end of the record it might have been a good place to hide a corpse or two but Archie and co haven’t got room to stink the place out and maintain a very high standard throughout and having the albums high points locked together is great to hear.
The penultimate number is pulverizing and I’m sure would have the likes of Rudi Petrudi peering over it and Lux would have loved his Cramps to sound like this before he popped his mortal coil. Finishing with a laid back meander round the old organ for ‘Joanie’ is a nice touch but I was wondering when they were going to carry out an instrumental.
To be fair this is an exceptionally strong album and one that isn’t samey or tired at all. Sure it's retro but fuck me it’s good. Nice one gents - go straight to the top of the class and skip off school, you’ve passed!

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