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Sugar Buzz Magazine: Raw Fun "Won't Be Told"

Raw Fun is a modern day rock and roll success story. From origin to E.P., the chips fall with favor for these trashy rock scoundrels based in London, England. The group was set to play, and commenced with live performances just weeks after their first rehearsal. Raw Fun then posted a demo on their Facebook page that drew in producer Jim Diamond, who mixed the groups 8-track recordings in his Ghetto Recorders Studio located in Detroit. That’s impressive shit as Jim is hugely know for his tenure in The Dirtbombs and producing notables such as The Sonics as well as The White Stripes.

Impressive as well are the men that make up Raw Fun. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Patrice Picard brings his expertise honed in the front line rock and roll trenches with The Cannibals, the legendary garage revival band that has toured extensively over the past several decades and released like a zillion LP’s, singles and the lot. Manuel Santos plays his signature beat styling for Raw Fun after the recent demise of Michael Jackson. No, not that Michael Jackson, but the infamously named English punk band. Joaquin Gonzalez from the newly reformed Johnny Throttle adds the Raw Fun bottom living end. Together these three talents crank out some rock and roll that melds together influential vibes garnered from bands like The Stooges, Dead Boys, Link Wray, and others.

Title track “Won’t be Told” cranks blistering guitar attack with delinquent vocal igniting a rebellious acclamation. Picard is full of piss and vigor as he injects rejected. Glorious distortion runs amok with a wail. Gimme a fix. Stomp some old school phase and be awash in an analog orgy.  Now that’s pep.

My mind runs rampant with images of greasers versus surfs in an all out death trip bacchanal that incorporates Candy Johnson’s hip shaking yesteryear. Such is my madness ensued while spinning “Shades”. Super smooth jagged edge and intentional atmospheric, a dark sixties instrumental embossed with haunting lyrical delivery on the verge of creepsville.

“Till the End of the Song”, is a lip licking, boner popping sick boy frolic that emanates forth. Downbeat on the upbeat, the track snaps, crackles and pops. Loving the mentality of the lyric, “You’ve got enough, let’s throw it away”. Hanging loose while close knit, Joaquin and Manuel absolutely destroy. Come and get your daily dose of this ruffian regiment.

Raw Fun’s “Won’t Be Told” is available on vinyl (YES!) and you get the digital download as an extra added bonus. Well worth the £4.99.  If you want to catch the band live, Raw Fun has some upcoming February shows taking place in France. Check out their facebook page for the lowdown.

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