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Uber Rock: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

Sometimes you get a record to review and it just has you scratching your head wondering what the fuck have I just listened to. Well, lo and behold MFC Chicken has just done that as a chicken based album has just driven me cluckin' mad.
So with a retro swinging beat (well it is on Dirty Water Records after all) the music is delivered with aplomb and some of the sax playing is superb, but what's with the chicken based tunes, really?
'(Get Outta The) DJ Booth' is great with some cool garage riffery and a walking bassline all topped off with that crazy sax honking goodness but as soon as you start to get into it you're back on the chicken puns.
'Voodoo Chicken' is a belter of a tune and the sax honking all over it is superb! No, honestly, it is infectious. '(Show Me The) Gravy Baby' is a honkingly good blast. Shame about the lyrics that are threatening my enjoyment which is a real shame because the song is great.
Let's be honest here, there is nothing new or ground breaking on offer but what MFC Chicken do they do it exceptionally well and the songs are really well written and executed perfectly. My only problem is the you-know-what based theme running through the album which is a real shame. One thing I do really appreciate in Rock And Roll is a damn good saxophone blast and there is plenty of that on offer here.
With fourteen songs on offer it is quite a haul to get through in one sitting but give the songs a fair crack and you'll find ones like 'Dirty Little Bitch' which is a knock out hidden at the tail end of this record. Named after a now closed take away in London town this band who claim to be knocking out the music the Sonics would listen to aren't far off the mark and have a record they should be mightily proud of.

Musically this is truly exceptional. Shame about the whole chicken thing. I have nothing against the two legged birds and none were harmed in the reviewing of this record. Clucking hell, guys!

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