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Uberrock: MFC Chicken "(Get Outta The) DJ Booth

Honestly who else is gonna put out this crazy band? Nobody that’s who. Dirty Water Records love their freak beats though and MFC Chicken certainly know how to serve them up. You can keep your Vintage Trouble with their cool sassy vintage sound because MFC Chicken are mainlining vintage horn honking twelve bar riffing rock and roll just how I prefer it. When singles ruled the music world bands releasing songs like this were ten a penny; but that all went away bar a few; and thank the good lord for bands like this for shaking their shit. This would get any club in any town jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof. Its glorious free flowing garage tinged rock ‘n’ roll. But it doesn't stop with the lead track '(Get Outta The) DJ Booth', these bad boys have two puppies out, one as infectious as the next. 'Lake Bears' is Chuck Berry jamming with The Killer and throwing in some of James Brown’s big band for good measure whilst The Stooges join in for shits and giggles. What a refreshing joy it is to hear bands dish up such good records and it’s a fitting tribute to the 45 that it's done so fantastically well. MFC Chicken you rock!

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