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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: Atomic Suplex "14 Inches of Fist"

Some bands are great at making really polished albums. Atomic Suplex is not one of them - and thank goodness for that. This is a band that can be summarized with just two words: energy and volume.

The album begins with the singer saying, "When I say I'm a dick, you best believe I'm a dick." That is followed by some feedback, then some ridiculously loud guitar and vocals that are howled as much as they're sung. It's the kind of song that not only makes you howl along, but also makes you play some furious air guitar. The song is a great introduction to the album, which is filled with 14 high-energy, high-volume songs that act like a sonic punch to your earhole.

If you want a great example of what this band is all about, check out the song S.U.P.L.E.X. This song is sheer madness. After some a capella lyrics, you hear some rumbling bass and some furious punk rock that should remind you of punk's early days. The thing is that this song ramps up to a fever pitch and a serious howl, and then it's over after only a minute and 21 seconds. You'll probably have to listen to it again just because it's over so quickly. However, that song - at less than 90 seconds - will definitely make you take notice.

Atomic Suplex has mastered the art of songs that are furiously energetic, loud, and short. This is a great album for anyone who loves punk rock - real punk, not the pop punk that you'll hear on the radio. It's also great for blaring out your windows so your neighbors can hear it. If you like your music raucous, this is an album you should add to your collection. Fourteen Inches of Fist will be available from Dirty Water Records on June 2.

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