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The Outskirts: Archie and the Bunkers

Cool Band Of The Month

We love music around here. We especially love new music around here. We have an inkling that you might also be in the same boat as us. So, every month we are gonna try and introduce you to a new band that you have (probably) not heard of. Ready? Here goes. First cool band of the month is...

Archie And The Bunkers

The two brothers, Cullen (Organ/Vocals) and Emmett (Drums/Vocals) who make up Archie And The Bunkers are fine young men out of Cleveland, Ohio. The music they make is described as "Hi-Fi Organ Punk." If that doesn't help you out, try to imagine what The Doors would sound like if they were fronted by Jello Biafra. Or maybe if Suicidal Tendencies and Question Mark And The Mysterians recorded a song together. It's music that might sound a little bit familiar, but it's also fresh and new at the same time. That is not an easy task to pull off and you gotta give these guys major credit for firmly hitting the bullseye. These guys could easily win over a roomful of punks...and their parents...and their grandparents. If you are thinking that just organ and drums would get old quick, you would be wrong. The talent that these two lads bring to the table makes you forget that there are only two instruments. The songs are so well written and executed so flawlessly that you never get bored even after repeated listens. And, believe me, I have listened repeatedly. Non-stop since I got the CD, in fact. The band formed in 2013, so they are still fairly new on the scene, but they are already getting lots of attention. So, check out Archie And The Bunkers now! The Outskirts gives them our "official stamp of cool!"   - Andy Covert

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