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Everybody else on Archie and the Bunkers

“These kids are damn good, and I know plenty about bands that have only two members. One thing I know is these two are wise beyond their years, respectful and classy. Cullen’s organ skills are so true that I’ve included him on the next Obnox and Blaxxx releases. This band is one of my favorites in Cleveland or anywhere else for that matter.”
Lamont 'Bim' Thomas - Obnox 12XU Records

“These guys are frickin' stars, man. I've seen them three or four times and they are total pros. The first time I saw them my jaw hit the floor.”
Matt Fields - The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern

“Archie & The Bunkers are the next big thing on my radar. These two brothers, not yet out of high school, send a shocking amount of sound waves into the atmosphere for just two people.”
Cellar Door: Cleveland Arts and Culture

“A&TB sometimes draw initial attention from a crowd because of their tender years. But their ages belie the talent and powerhouse show they put on every time they hit a stage...The band's success and growing popularity on the Cleveland music scene is no mystery”
Michael Heaton - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Brilliant, brilliant music!...These kids are clearly out-of-the box thinkers, and that's the kind of music I love!”
The Bull - The Bull Program

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