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Reviews: The Sons of Bido Lito

EXNE Split Festival

The Sons of Bido Lito headlining in Tent 3 were our next stop off. Typically the tent was very busy so we watched from the bandstand. Again this was a local band so had a great crowd. Split Festival is quite right to showcase its local talent because it’s made visitors such as us aware of some great new sounds and The Sons of Bido Lito were no exception. They were weird, quirky and unusual but made us smile because they were playing really catchy songs that had us happily head bobbing and foot tapping along to their early 60's guitar tones and pounding rockabilly drums. We will definitely be looking out for them in the future so we can watch them do their thing because it’ll almost certainly be a different show every time. Great stuff.

Move on Up music blog

The Sons Of Bido Lito, great little band with an immense sound. Jangling guitars entwined with powerful drums beats makes these boys a band to see live! They dress well and have good haircuts too! 

NEEM blog, Stockton Calling

I was going to stay put set at the same venue and allow myself time for a relaxed pint but my better half convinced me to down my drink and catch The Sons Of Bido Lito at the Georgian Theatre. I’d checked this band out online a long time ago but never got around to seeing them live but goodness only knows why because they were a real treat, sounding like a cross between The Coral and The Jam.  For some reason I’d not expected them to sound so musically accomplished which is odd given that they’ve been around for 4 years or so. Even a seasoned gig goer and unsigned music lover like me can occasionally fall foul of ‘knowitallitis’ so this is a lesson to me – don’t judge til you see and hear it live.

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