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Pure Rawk: Atomic Suplex "14 Inches Of Fist!

23 minutes.  14 tracks.  The longest of which screeches, crashes and burns its way to halt just a few seconds past the two minute mark.  It’s safe to say that Atomic Suplex are probably the sort of band who should come with a health warning for the unwary.  They play the sort of speedball scuzzed-up garage rock that only exists in poncy trust fund bands like The Strokes’ worst nightmares.  And it’s brilliant.

Essentially, 14 Inches Of Fist is the whole principle of the First Jim Jones Review album taken to its logical conclusion – right from the instant that opener One Man Party kicks in with a scream of “When I say I’m a dick, you best believe I’m a dick D-I-K” it’s frenetic, energetic and it’ll gladly frazzle your speakers to buggery given half the chance.

Jerry Lee Lewis jamming with The Jesus & Mary Chain?  The Sonics borrowing The Stooges guitar pedals and cranking them up as far as they’ll go?  Lord only knows.  But there’s something undeniably awesome about this album – it truly is rock ‘n’ roll distilled right down to its most basic animal form.  Therein lie duets, saxophones, rockabilly rythyms, songs with titles like It Takes Two Girls To Satisfy Me, JD Attack and Ass Tecnica, the most gloriously unhinged vocals this side of the 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and even a completely unhinged piano solo track (with some honking sax which makes X Ray Spex look like free jazz musos) called Chicken Rich.

If all this sounds like hyperbole, trust me it’s justified.  This album may just be the most thrillingly unhinged racket you’ll hear this year, they sound of a band shrugging their shoulders, sticking two fingers up at the world, and coming up with the sort of album that’d send Jack White running for the hills.  It’s an experience, put it that way.

Final thoughts:  What the hell do your compare something like this to?  23 minutes of high voltage electroshock therapy?  Being repeatedly smacked in the face with a plank of wood?  Let’s just say that this is the sort of album that you may have to go and lie down in a dark room for a few minutes after listening to, just to regain your composure.  But I guarantee that after you do, you’ll want to switch it straight back on with an evil unhinged grin on your face.  Oh sure, it’ll have side effects – your neighbours may suddenly decide to start shunning you and you may even get random strangers suddenly giving you a wide berth in the street.  But what the hell.  Quite simply, this is pure high energy lunacy at its best.  Highly recommended.  4.5 out of 5.

Andy Close

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