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Dynamite Magazine: Atomic Suplex "14 Inches Of Fist"

The Rock'n'Roll has known many facets, this one is certainly one of the dazzling. Mercilessly overdriven Guitars, thunderous drums and ultra distorted vocals – Atomic Suplex go certainly not so easy ear like Elvis Presley. That the Britons still 100% Rock'n'Roll are you already have with their first album unmistakably made clear. It appeared not only on the cult label Crypt Records, but also spoke with song titles like "Rock & Roll Machine "," Rock & Roll Action " "Rock & Roll Is Never Going To Die" or "I Am Rock & Roll" a significant Language. On their new album "14 Inches Of Fist "is needed in such a Positioning no longer now. The music of songs such as "One Man Party "" Set It On Fire "or" White Shoes "it remains complete over tightened Nervo-garage punk, with which one prima every lame Party can stir up. Who Guitar Wolf loves Atomic Suplex should necessarily lend his ear. It could, however, be that one there with a tinnitus gets back.  StM   4 stars of 5

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