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Uberrock: Atomic Suplex "14 Inches of Fist"

D'you want to know what insanity sounds like? How about a rocket going off? What does the inside of the rocket sound like? It's a car as it falls of the side of a very steep cliff, that moment when it hits the floor. Atomic Suplex might well be the answer for these questions. Sure, insanity isn't funny, but if it had this as the soundtrack? It might also be the answer to what does unbridled, unrestricted, unashamed, we don't give a fuck what you think, rock 'n' roll sounds like when it's turned up louder than your speakers will allow and played with as much gusto as possible whilst grinning from ear to ear because Atomic Suplex is having itself and the band knows exactly how fuckin' good this is and how they are touched with genius and/or insanity.  
Atomic Suplex are a force of nature and a freak of nature and this, their second album, is them trying to ride this wild beast called rock and roll without a saddle or any safety gear. From the moment 'One Man Party' screams out of the speakers right through to 'White Shoes' your head is about to be fucked by the salacious powers of rock and roll. They take no prisoners and sound like they've taken what Jim Jones was doing in his revue and what the Computers turned into to the extreme and then took it a bit further; it's like Gallon Drunk or the Jesus and Mary Chain never existed or if they did they are all in the glue pot that is sticking this album together along with a generous dose of the Cramps, Elvis, Buddy Holly and anybody else who loves rock and roll. It's no surprise they toured with the Hives, Guitar Wolf and the Buzzcocks, it shows.
"When I say I'm a dik, You best believe I'm a Dik, D - I - K!" Fuckin' right! Strap yourself in kids this might get bumpy. 'One Man Party' is a blast, a fucked up frantic rollercoaster ride and I'm jumping on board. You can't fake this chaos, this is a life choice and the heavy heaving noise that is the title track is smashing your ears into submission. This beautiful racket kicks seven shades out of your senses and you will love it. I'm not sure I'll be able to forget this experience in a while - this is the audio bomb turned up to eleven in all aspects. I don't know if I can begin to explain 'Wild Love' or give it due justice but it's like Motörhead playing through a transistor radio using Bill Hayley's instruments whilst being tasered by a pissed off policeman.
The sax at the start of 'Firing Line' is the signal for more of the same but this is getting catchier if that's possible. Imagine the dance off in Grease was to Atomic Suplex and more importantly Danny and Sandy had to hand jive to 'S.U.P.L.E.X' - when you hear it it will make sense: what am I on about, nothing makes sense; when this is playing my head is like the inside of a washing machine on full turbo spin but I'd like to see Newton John and Travolta give it a go, they'd need more than spiked punch. I'm floored.
Fourteen songs (obviously) in twenty three minutes is about as much as the human body can cope with without having the emergency services present with their defibrillator (not that that would be of much use as your heart would resemble a set jelly). I can't even begin to work out half the lyrics but to be honest I couldn't care any less if I had the lyric sheet in front of me, this is the best record I've heard all year, or maybe the second best, but it shows that rock and roll isn't dead that's for sure and it's still dangerous and edgy.  
It's a fantastic record for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons as well. This record would cause the NME to collapse into a smoldering heap of ashes and hipster beards. If Jack White was to hear this he'd piss his chinos. Just about as much fun as is legal and it's no surprise to see Dirty Water pick up one of the finest bands to honk a horn and fuzz up a flyin' V anywhere on this globe. Now enough of my waffle if you haven't already gone to check this out tapproved image lrg 2013hen what the hell are you waiting for?  

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