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Fungal Punk: The Loons "Miss Clara Regrets"

As soon as I mention the fact that this 2 track CD is on Dirty Water Records you may, if tuned in right, have some inkling as to what will transpire - and so you should. The Loons offer up here 2 simplistic tracks that ache with 60's psychedelia borne from a well-worked garage of noise that has served the band well over many, many years. The scratches of sound from many punked exponents of those early days run deep and when blended with the aforementioned flavours we have a primitive mix to excite.

We plunge in with the A-Side, 'Miss Clara Regrets', a broken glass cut, a spilled ashtray, a shit stained slaggery - a song that comes from low-slung attitudes in dark dives where the music has no pretence. Here the guitars collide in tin can alley raucousness, the sticks have tribality as well as free form patternisation whilst the gob spits and spouts with a seeming sneer throughout. Far from fluid the song is a jittery jaunt done with sanguinity and much appetite with numerous nuances from yore etched within the grain. In part the bass is left to throb, it takes us to the final repeat of a fair track!


The B-Side and 'Alexander' is a meaner yet cooler affair with a panging to fulfil roaming desires and to keep the listener tantalised. A song that could almost be donated from a different crew with a steady chorus cruise that has a planed out feel and a slightly uncomfortable essence despite the guitar twists and decent mouth work. Never fear though, any doubts erected will soon be withered by the glorious chorus drift that sees he/she vocals unify and glorify as well as attaining exacting sub-generic highs and in-scene sensations. Bear with this one - I reckon I feel a grower here - tha' never knows.

So 2 tasters and there just to whet thy appetite. Would you like to hear more, are you willing to delve deeper?  Well on this evidence I am sure it wouldn't be a loss to anyone.

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