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Uberrock: Oh! Gunquit "Eat Yuppies and Dance"

I was looking on this 'ere internet for some background on Oh! Gunquit when I saw that they were being described as 'Rumble-bop trash freak-a-billy' which is a bit of a gob full and not a genre I'd come across before. I decided to abort my mission and just put the damn record on and make my own mind up.
As 'Sinkhole' began I did hear different flavours coming through and some influences more obvious than others but 'Sinkhole' being the lead single as well maybe they weren't doing themselves justice; whilst having a great backbeat and retro verb production this is a fine single with elements of surf rock and pop - there is also a healthy amount of garage rock going on and whilst I like the vocals of Tina Swasay who sings and plays trumpet (not a combination you see every day) it's the whole arrangement that works so well. It might well be busy at times like on 'Head Bites Tail' but it sure does create a heady mix and music that is exciting and intriguing.
There is more to this beat combo than just being a mash up of the Cramps and the B-52s although there are certainly parts of those bands sewn into Oh Gunquit's DNA. And there is a definite B-movie vibe going on sometimes via the lyrics and the guttural noises coming from the mouth of Swasey like she howls on 'Caves'. It's also often surreal, like, who else is gonna pen a tune about gone off milk? But I do like the saxophone a lot and the vibe is fantastic.
'Hope In Hell' has a great rhythm and is infectious. I could imagine these go down a storm in some smokey, sleazy bar room. 'Pony Boy' is more of a rocka, maybe in the vein of Imelda May which is another slight shift which weaves yet more fabric into this rich tapestry of styles. Having said that, granted, it's not a seismic shift in styles but it does add variety.
'Into The Wood' is horn heavy and has more swing than Tiger Woods, a great number no doubt about it. In contrast 'I Need Help Now' steps into the shadows and just rocks out. 'Voodoo Meatshake' has obvious influences but it's a whole bunch of fun and besides since when do we give two fucks who steals from who? Oh! Gunquit have got it going on and have more style and good tunes than you can shake a stick at. Get these cats on tour with Urban Voodoo Machine and let them infect the nation with their sounds. 'Eat Yuppies And Dance' is a triumph of style and substance but seriously I can't eat a whole yuppie, I'm on a diet, but I'll dance.

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