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Uberrock: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

Latino garage rock and roll anyone? Los Bengala come at it like a cat on a hot tin roof. The guitars are loud and raw and the drums are primal and bouncing with energy. Okay, the lyrics aren't in English but that isn't as much of a problem as I was expecting.
'Jodidamente Loco' is a wild beast that reminds me of a frantic Hives. They certainly have got energy in spades and before you know it you're half way through the album. Drummer Borja certainly knows how to get behind this style of music and holds most of that energy in his rhythmic patterns as he expertly displays on 'Maquina Infernal'.
Winning friends and influencing people in Spain is currently serving the band well and going down a storm on the mainland and that's easy to see why. '65 Dias' cuts the tempo with a knife - well, for the first minute anyway before breaking out into a snarling beast. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that these boys are going down a storm on the live circuit because they sound like a live band (if that makes sense).
They really get cooking on 'Aaah' with a very tasty groove which is quickly followed by the thuggish 'Ataco' with a dirty stinking fuzzed up lead guitar. If that wasn't wild enough they do actually sing, or is that shout, in English on 'Perfect Body' and by the time they get round to it it matters not as I was quite enjoying hearing a band go at it in their native language.
Anyway, to wrap this up I'd suggest if you enjoy out-there garage rock with a unique twist then you could do a lot worse than investigate this Latino garage band. They have the chops and a unique take of a time honoured sound. Something I quite enjoyed. Oh and guys keep the leopard print, it's awesome.  Dom Daley

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