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Schwindy's Indie Spotlight: Oh! Gunquit "Eat Yuppies and Dance"

This album by Oh! Gunquit begins with a drum beat at the beginning of "Sinkhole" that not only draws you in, but also gets you moving your head. When the rest of the instruments and the vocals come in, you realize that this band has a sound that is hard to classify. The female vocal part sounds a bit like Kate Pierson while the melody is a blend of surf and garage rock.

If anything, "Head Bites Tail" is even stranger - in a good way. The guitar in this song is furiously energetic and also pretty psychedelic. Add to that some greasy horns and some rock and roll howls that sound like Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons, and what you have is a song that is delightfully strange. In fact if you were going to file this in a record store, delightfully strange would be as good a description as you could find. You'll hear more of those Pussycat-style howls in "Caves". However, the thing that makes this song really interesting is the guitar part that sounds like a trippy take on the guitar in "What'd I Say" by Ray Charles.

Some bands are weird - and that's fine. In fact, it's commendable because at least bands that are weird don't sound like a dozen other bands. Oh! Gunquit has an unusual sound, and that is exactly what makes the band so enjoyable. It has created a sound that is unusual and easy to dance to. If you like bands that defy easy classification, give Oh! Gunquit a try. This album is a good blend of garage rock, psychedelia, and soul, and it is available now from Dirty Water Records.

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