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Dynamite Magazine: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

The Arrogants’ new EP is like a breath of fresh air in today's garage scene. At the average age of 18, the boys from Lille certainly know what garage is about, more than many other bands that have been on the scene for a while. They combine the youthful energy and angry, minimalist guitar sound of punk rock with jazzy organ and harmonica; sometimes one can even hear the psychedelic influences of their role models from the Sixties such as The Shadows of Knight and the Pretty Things, to name just two.

The EP consists of catchy new songs full of energy and a touch of French cool. It was produced by Healer Selecta from the London-based soul band The Dustaphonics and mastered by Pete Maher who previously worked with the Rolling Stones and Jack White.

The Arrogants have served up a promising debut record which wets your appetite for more.

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