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Komakino Zine: The Sons of Bido Lito "Avalanche"

With this new 7'' disc, by British band The Sons of Bido Lito, Dirty Water Records shows us one more time how they know what they're doing.

After they introduced me, back when no one would have imagined, the (will-be-missed) Thee Vicars, they release now Avalanche; with this 45 rpm, the five-piece from Sunderland grace us with two tracks steeped into a psychedelia powered with garage music. The Sons of Bido Lito state to be sons of a heavy listen of all the genre classics: an acid pouring that leaves you speechless.

The A side is for the title-track... Avalanche.. listen and believe. Obsessive beat; a dose of adrenaline, shot straight into your heart. The rawest of freak-beat, no frills, meant to be pure.  The B side is 12 Commandments: come on, buy this little vinyl. The Sons of Bido Lito start with surf-like riffs, turning dark and darker, even thanks to the organ, which gets prominent. A six minutes song which makes you feel dizzy.

Since the very first listening, I can write the 13th commandment: Buy this disc.

Freddie Koratella (Dead Music Roma)

Dirty Water Records London