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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

One test for an album is whether you can get into it even when you don't understand any of the words. If you do, then you know the band is really on to something. On the new album Incluso Festivos Los Bengala can definitely draw you in even if you don't understand the Spanish lyrics.

The opening track is an instrumental song called "La Caza" that begins with some percussion that is sure to get you moving - first with the head, then with the feet and the hips. The percussion is reminiscent of the classic song "Bongolia". The fuzzy guitar gives the song an infectiously trashy sound.

If you like uptempo trashy sound of the lead track, then you are in luck. That is just the appetizer for a whole album of punchy rock and roll. "No Hay Amor sin Dolor" is a great example. The guitar sounds come in really short bursts that would make any punk band proud. The drummer plays at a tempo that is the musical equivalent of "ludicrous speed". Another interesting thing is that the chorus of this song is kind of easy to sing along with - if you have a rudimentary understanding of Spanish.

Even when the band slows it down a little - like on "65 Dias", it manages to make an uptempo song. The beginning of this song is decidedly slower than the rest of the album. However, the tempo picks up, and has a real 60s feel with the claps and "oooooohs" in the background.

Incluso Festivos is 10 songs of hard-hitting garage rock. The one complaint you might have at the end of the album - and it's a valid one - is that it is too short. Before you know it, the album is over, which means that you should listen to it again. Incluso Festivos is available now from Dirty Water Records.

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