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El Lado Oscuro de la Luna: Los Bengals "Incluso Festivos"

Garage feline? What's that cat's Garage? The answer lies in including holidays, Zaragoza debut tandem Los Bengala , which has already awakened us curiosity "coining a new genre" 10 songs of rock’n’roll, grungy, cool and garage-y where Guillermo Sinnerman and Borja Tellez (guitar and voice THE FAITH KEEPERS, respectively) take the nails, as they say, only rhythm and machete.

Even cover holidays, Los Bengala share lead vocals , singing a duet almost the entire album, and while Guillermo kept on guitar , as he usually does, Borja takes a more secondary role from the drums. What if; no bass? They stew it and eat it. Until they have produced work through his own label Wild Lion (although they will have Dirty Water Records for national and international distribution).

The project is shot note. The disc has not been his first step. And we suppose the logical rapport the two musicians share a common side band , also must be added the filming of THE BENGALA as a band by zaragozanas rooms during the past 10 months . This is the secret of why sounds fresh , bold ; but without the usual symptoms precipitated innocent common in debuts.

Hunting instrumental briefly puts us on notice, to attack direct to the jugular know where I'm going . This is R & R . No additives or sweeteners. Guitar and very raw, very American flavor (in the intro has come to my mind a submerged Iberia in Southern version), but mostly bastard. In his introductory note they are justified on the grounds that they had never let them get their "most primitive and childish" side. And what happens when it is attached to a fierce short how are you? Well, when released, they will run wild.

The advance single No Hay Amor Sin Dolor is simple and compelling simple. The talent of these guys to create catchy and danceable melodies is undeniable. They had already demonstrated through Soul and Funk rhythms on his albums with THE FAITH KEEPERS; and now they do so as rocking badass and so stylish, that this issue deserves only the holidays.

I'm looking forward to seeing the duo playing live fucking crazy. Two chords and a phrase that is the promise as one of the star moments ... are sweat, sex and madness itself. Garage pub. The boogaloo and Latin rhythms sprouting in Infernal machine, which by its exoticism is what can most remember their band of origin, but always maintaining the casual point that defines this project. The sophistication exhibited in FK has no place here; This does not mean that either ooze class. Precisely because that are flush the hands.

65 days is a tribute to the Rolling Stones all the way, as if they had rewritten the mythical Paint it black leading to his land. And I say tribute, not "home-plagiarism". It is the most relaxed time of the disc while maintaining the intensity, speed and even recovering by going to elapse. William takes his zeppeliana vein in the frenzied riff Aaah, one of the most original tracks and can work better live. Guitar asks us to dance; the refrain that we form pogo sticks; and letter, interaction.

The guitar work is especially remarkable in Ataco, with many changes of rhythm and sound on the instrument. Who says there's virtuosity in simplicity? I dig the riff on Perfect Body. Again they have the key. He is very nervous and energetic, and the song is guiding for almost three minutes to live. It is the only sung in English, at least entirely, and has a stop at Rock 60 which gives it a special charm.

Make way is the most different theme, which totally sacrificed speed in favor of giving greater packing. Much punch with included interlude after which ... are re-level the revolutions in an elaborate instrumental passage. Very good closure for such a blatant debut honest, classy but most obscene. What at first glance looked like a divertimento outside THE FAITH KEEPERS, it has distanced himself as a solid side project, and with a long road ahead. And with the addition of the ease of two musicians moving in one direction instead of eight (without trying to predict anything, just highlight the advantage).

The Decalogue is based on the basic premise of Rock & Roll. Simple and direct songs, two to three minutes, with a lighthearted, gamberras and very funny lyrics. Because it is what they have been Guiller and Borja. To have a good time. And what is the R & R, but having a good time? Whoever wants to join, saying "Aaaah!"
Tomás Catalan

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