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Fungal Punk: Les Grys-Grys "Left Unseen"

This crew are from Montpelier in France and knock out a discordance that is alive and active with much youthful spunk and steaming perspiration.  It should be a common commodity but is sometimes lacking in the music scene and that just gets my goat up and clashing its head against the walls of half-heartedness.  The band started out with a set of covers but are slowly bubbling up with new self-made treats, two of which are found here. Another brew to review, this time with two sonic slugs needed to hopefully give hint at what is on offer - gob open, throat ready for accepting - watch yer step ya nasty minded gits.

The initial tickle and 'Left Unseen' is a commotion in motion with an overlapping swell of many refulgent rhythms and minor sonic skirmishes thus making a very concussive bout of industrious music one has to take time with.  Big proud tympanics escort us inward, taut guitar punishments induce further accents, the 60's gobbage completes the time warp.  As we progress the whipped whirlpool of sound is splashed with Stonesey applications, further pushed into sub-hectic realms and overdosed with lavish layers that may or may not be necessary.  The positives are there on parade for all to examine and be impressed by, the only negatives are the too flustered mix and the fact that the closure is flimsy and has no distinct definition thus leaving the listener...at a slight loss.  Not bad, not great, but a good starting point to further build on I feel.

The flipside exposes the tones of 'It's Mighty Crazy', a better example of what the band can do if they keep a lid on the passion and make sure that complete orchestration of all areas is attended to.  The song here uses the bluesy, rock and roll route with Yardbirds cum Byrds retrofication and much thriving zeal within the active mix.  The bass bounds, the drums hustle and bustle whilst guitars shimmer and twinkle and the gobbage remains precisely abraded and ideally suitable for the style sought.  The band do overload towards the latter end and again just fade into silence but this time one feels the ending is justly timed – or maybe it's just me, blah.

So that is it, a quickie taster for all to ponder and one that, if I am thoroughly honest (it goes without saying that I will be), just misses the target (strong emphasis on 'just') but oozes potential and untold promise.  That is all one can ask and I will be more than a little interested to eavesdrop, and review, their next release - go, go, go!

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