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Reverend Lys: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

I would bet. And I won.

The brothers Emmett (seventeen) and Cullen (fourteen) O'Connor are from Ohio . That is the same land that gave birth to Pere Ubu, to Devo, Lux Interior, Electric Eels, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Rocket From the Tombs , the Human Switchboard , to Brainiac , the New Bomb Turks , the Greenhornes, the Pagans, the Dead Boys, the Rubber City Rebels, and the Alarm Clocks.

Their music is tied explicitly to that tradition a bit crazy by providing, in a nutshell, this keyboard and battery , a shortcut ill to penetrate into the heart through a fearless punk garage sound swirling, autistic and expressionist reminiscent of some of the craziness and Monks spirals beat of Chicano Mysterians obviously seen through the lenses pleated tube ionized and the great masters of splattered Akron and Cleveland Devo, Brainiac and Human Switchboard.

You eyes that brought masks ?

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