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Pure Rawk: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Third album from Holloway-based poultry-obsessed rock ‘n’ rollers MFC Chicken, and it’s pretty much a straight continuation of their debut, 2011’s Music For Chicken, and 2013’s Solid Gravy!  There’s a bit of ‘50s style greaser rock and a bit of ‘60s garage rock in there liberally sprinkled with some honking sax, and it’s all good fun.

Subject wise there’s still plenty of the chicken puns that peppered their previous records (Colonel Sanders’ Bastard Son anyone?) but elsewhere there’s odes to naked dancing tribal chiefs (Uncle Willy), the tiresome nature of orgies (14 Girls), falling asleep on the motorway (Rumble Strip), the danger of dining out with vegan friends (Where’s Is the Meat?) and the “taking your life in your own hands” experience of getting a night bus back to Wood Green (29 Bus).  There’s even an instrumental called Bad News From The Clinic which, well, maybe it’s best not to ask about that one…

Musically, there’s not a lot of surprises here if you’ve heard MFC Chicken’s earlier releases (although the blues lament of Kahuna Hoodoo Hoochie Coo Flu Blues which appears to be about the dangers of eating cornbread made of bees is a bit of a curveball), but ultimately It’s … MFC Chicken Time is a good solid album which serves as a nice companion to its predecessors.  As we say up north, it’s alright for them what likes fun.

FINAL THOUGHTS – If you weren’t so keen on MFC Chicken’s first two albums then it’s unlikely that this will change your mind.  However, if you enjoy their brand of ‘50s style rock ‘n’ roll by way of a California garage somewhere circa 1965 with a good dose of humour to keep you smiling, then you could do a lot worse than give It’s … MFC Chicken Time! a spin.  Overall, not a bad effort at all.  OVERALL SCORE – 3.5 of 5.   Andy Close

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