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withguitars.com: The Sons of Bido Lito "Avalanche"

Hailing from the Sunderland, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that The Sons Of Bido Lito are more influenced by the psychedelic/garage sounds of 60s America than the indie bands of north-east England.

Their previous release was a 5-track CDr and this their first release for London’s highly esteemed garage label sees a marked progression away from the faster, brasher sound of that first EP to a more thoughtful, considered direction with a pop-tinged psychedelic sensibility. Think of Love, The Doors, The Yardbirds but this is no derivative pastiche by a group of sixties wanabees, both songs are skilfully under-pinned by basslines with ‘Avalanche’ having a driving beat and the B-side ‘Twelve Commandments’, which accompanied by melodic organ takes the listener on a serene journey that could easily be a soundtrack to road trip through the valleys of California or the hills of Andalucia.

Innovative and refreshing, let’s hope there’s an album in the not too distant future. 7.8/10

Ray Nicholl

Dirty Water Records London