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Voix de garage: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Holy shit, this record is smokin'!!
Great name & iconic sleeve, this brothers duo just captivates your attention from the very beginning.

After 2 self produced EPs, they chose the Ghetto Recorders studio and Jim Diamond to bring out their music. Top choice, of course!

The Farfisa organ sounds huge and works perfectly with the drums. As if Keith Moon quit amphetamine for a more steady beat while with James Taylor & Booker T. if they were garage punk teenagers. Wonderful mix.

Sometimes on this album we can hear the darkness of the Fall with a little post punk vibe, & the way it is all orchestrated, the Archie And The Bunkers brothers don't fall into revival or parody! At the contrary, they show a strong personality in this 1st album!


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