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Voix de Garage: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck"

Even though this Boston 4 piece has operated since 2000, I have just found out about them through their previous album that came out on the British label Dirty Water Records.  Just like the previous record, it is evident that this group borrows its influence from the bands of the British Invasion.

Muck & the Mires is a big machinery that incorporates lots of different references:  Garage Rock, R & B, Power Pop, and, what is obvious to my ears but oddly never been mentioned on the other reviews I have read: Pub Rock!

This recipe creates 12 songs well shaken and beautifully written & executed by a band who masters perfectly the art of making simple arrangements (using tambourine, harmonica, saxophone, hand claps…), which is the DNA of those songs which flirts with perfection in this type of music.

Beautifully recorded by Jim Diamond, as always, this is an album that doesn't invent anything new but "fills you up as well as tasting divine".


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