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Boston Groupie News: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck"

Muck and the Mires are up next. They had their record release bash in Boston the prior night. I reviewed Muck and crew in BGN's 05/26/14 issue. Tonight they’re a blast. But, rather than say it all again, let’s talk about their new disk, Dial ‘M’ for Muck!

In some parallel multi-verse it’s always summer and Dial ‘M” for Muck blasts out of transistor radios across the land. People hang on street corners and make up moves called the Three Step and the Kara Lee. That heavy, bloodshot red vinyl looks good and feels right. The old Thorens turntable likes the idea. The needle drops and Dial ‘M’ jumps on the stick with Three Steps Closer a ripping overture of the disks strengths – in the room sound, big vocals, hot wire fuzz guitars, popping ohh oooohh’s, crack drum fills, tight bass, jangly, whacked tambourine and voxy keys.

Muck main man, Evan Shore, rummages through the moldy hope chest in the attic and manages to rejuvenate the faded love letters, the scars of romance and the sweet taste of infatuation. The lyrics are straight-forward and better for it. The pairing of words and arrangements is familiar, driving and infectious. Whether it’s the strutting throaty burr of Someday I’ll Get My Way, the sizzle on the cymbals on You Can’t Run Away From Love, or the double tracked vocals on Double White Line the craft is on display - but always in the service of the rock.

Flip the disk and Muck drop Candy Apple Red an unabashedly perfect pop confection. It hits a sweet spot and manages to avoid cloy. A low strung guitar solo adds contrasting color. In the multi-verse it’s an AM staple. Kara Lee kicks. I’m thinking her uncle Jerry Lee may jump up for the next piano solo. Let’s go live to the Star Club. Love Is Gonna Let You Down will sound great at the Beachcomber come July. Bad Omen and Pocket Change just up the ante.

Dial ‘M’ for Muck is late entry front runner in the race for local best of accolades. These tunes open up, pick up grit and light up even more live. Dial ‘M’ is a blue-eyed garage rocker through and through. Hope you find one under your Christmas tree. Open, add electricity and do the Kara Lee.

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