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zest.today: The Youth "Nothing But..."

Among the many emails we receive everyday, there is one with a song named Bubblegum, so we download and listen to it , the new single from the debut album of The Youth, "Nothing But…”. However there must be an error, this is garage/beat and done as it should be, but no one today makes this kind of garage/beat. We are suprised, check the link again, the song title, the band's name: Bubblegum by The Youth.

Ok we are persuaded now, these guys know their business. We download the debut album of this band from Copenhagen,composed by 13 tracks, album that catapults us straight in the '60s, and we have no doubt that they are really "incendiary" performers, that distinguishes them in Europe. Let's start listening with Come On, first fast-paced song typical of the best garage/beat of the golden years. It continues with the quick, almost garage punk, Looking At You, with the engaging rhythmic of You're Leaving, Girls Like You, Bubblegum; It slows down a bit but not too much with Vicious, then it restarts with fast pace Count, Suede, That’s Your Problem, Save Me My Love; near to the end the sound doesn't subside, indeed rhythms are tightened, the drum is fast, the guitars is quick as well and there is the inevitable harmonica as we hear in The Norwegian Feeling. About To Run starts quiet and then go like a train. With amazement, at the end, distortions and drum are still, to make way for the sweet and sensual atmosphere of Baby I Am Back, almost another world than the rest of the album, but nothing to say negative, the attempt is well done for us.

The album was recorded in one of the best analogue recording studios in the world (Circo Perrotti Studio in Gijón, Spain) without sterile overdubs, because The Youth don't like them, and don't even need , seeing that they play their instruments and sing without autotuner, have a drummer who "hits" really, they write their songs, in other words make music.

The four boys, as in the best tradition, known at school when the singer- guitarist Lasse Tarp met guitarist Jesper Agerbaek and together they recruited drummer Sune Thomsen and finally bassist David Peter Jorgensen. Musically, they are influenced by English beat (How not to mention the Beatles especially their early albums) and by the garage rock '60s (clear the reference to The Seeds, The Count Five, The Standells, the Shadows of Knight, the 13th Floor Elevators), by 80s Revival (we note well the influence of groups such as the Chesterfield Kings, Miracle Workers, Fuzztones and Lyres) and of course "pigtråd” (barbed wire), the Danish '60s beat scene sound (Sir Henry & His Butlers, Peter Belli, The Defenders).

Is a merit of The Youth to have studied well the genre, have taking it respecting the teachings and have been able to produce their original music in such a fresh and natural way, without exaggeration or unrespectful distortions. Vintage sounds that nearly achieve perfection, for a band that reminds us to the early Beatles from which derived the so-called British Invasion, who influenced in America the aforementioned band The Seeds, The Count Five,  The Standells, Shadows of Knight, 13th Floor Elevators and furthermore The Sonics, The Chocolate Watchband, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Electric Prunes, Blues Magoos, pioneers of garage rock of the '60s (garage because for many bands rehearsal room was the garage); in The Youth we find all the elements which characterise the garage rock, that combines texts and sounds more raw and aggressive than the pop music of the era, using distorted guitars and fuzzbox.

And it is evident that from garage rock derived in the 70s, the Punk Rock, afterwards resumed in the '80s by a wave of Revival, that at the end of the decade hardens, anticipating the grunge. In the '90s, the garage sounds recovery was due to White Stripes, that we think are well known by The Youth.

Nothing But…will be released 6 October for the Label Dirty Water Records (available on vinyl, CD and download), one of the garage/beat/R&B label leaders in the world (the name derives, as it happens, from hit 1966 "Dirty Water" by the Standells ).


1. Come On
2. Looking At You
3. You're Living
4. Girls Like You
5. Bubblegum
6. Vicious
7. Count
8. Suede
9. That’s Your Problem
10. Save Me My Love
11. The Norwegian Feeling
12. About To Run
13. Baby I Am Back

TOP tracks for Zest. today: Looking At You, You're Leaving, Girls Like You,  Bubblegum, Save Me My Love, About To Run, Baby I Am Back

- Irene Tempestini


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