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xxvii4ever: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

Solid Gravy!, MFC Chicken’s second album, continues the odd but compelling amalgam of great old-style rock and roll with chicken-themed songs that they started with 2012’s Music For Chicken. Solid Gravy! is definitely old school rock and roll with only “Dirty Little Bitch” and “Well Now” escaping the orbit of the three minute mark so that songs like “Voodoo Chicken”  jump into the room, whirl around wildly with sax in front, and jump back out again at the 1:45 mark, leaving listeners gap-mouthed and staring.  In a good way.

It’s not all about chicken either, though MFC Chicken clearly has fun with the theme, all with the Big- Bopper-hits-London-in-2014 sound, particularly songs like “(Show Me the) Gravy, Baby” and “Don’t Wanna Talk About Chicken.”  

There’s lots of attitude throughout, whether it’s surfer sounds on songs like “White Leather Boots” or ones that rub shoulders with psychobilly like “Horseshit.”   The overall impression, including guiding influence from a couple of largely instrumental tunes (“Hot Friend” and  “M.F. Sea Chicken”—the latter being one of their surfer tunes, naturally), is one of a confident, attitudinally-enriched rock n’ roll band.  You have to conclude that it’s magnificent to hear rock and roll in 2014.

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