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Andy's New Music: Dirty Water Records

If, like me, you enjoy your music, raw and uncompromising, the idea of over produced dross for the masses makes you gag, Dirty Water Records are for you.  I've been lucky over the last few months to be introduced to a number of artists on their roster through Mudkiss.

The Routes with their fuzzed up, classic sixties R n B sound, The Hollywood Sinners straight up, heavy rock n roll with a Spanish twist, the latest to head my way, Melbourne's The Kits. Deep, dark and broody, with flashes of filthy psychedelic guitar, even elements of The Clash appear on their "Lead Us Into Temptation" album.

Dirty Water Are all about "Real" music, kids picking up guitars, playing with passion and intensity, from the heart without an eye on pure commercialism.  Quite simply, we need these guys, without them, the musical world would be a much less interesting place.

Head to the link below and sign up, it might just be one of the most worthwhile two minutes you've ever spent in your life.

Dirty Water Records London