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Uber Rock: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Hailing from Spain, Hollywood Sinners put a big smile across my chops with their 60s Hives-lite frantic garage jamboree and regardless of the fact I can't understand a single word they're singing about doesn't detract from the crazy beats and frantic riffing. It's all shake your head, screamtastic rollocking fun and at the end of the day isn't that what rock 'n' roll is all about?
'You Have To Ask' is as close to The Hives as you can get and I can even make out a few English words on this one as well which is a bonus. The promo blurb describes Hollywood Sinners as "fast, loud, cheap, snotty and catchy" and that just about sums up exactly what you have on offer here, from the opening of 'No Soy Bueno' to 'I Wanna Be Your Man' and everything in between. 'That's Alright' is catchy as fuck as is 'I'm Alone' with its daft as chanting backing vocals. The frantic pace does slow down momentarily on 'Huesos' but only momentarily, once you reach the first chorus off it goes....
You do get some variety before the album closes with 'That's All She Wrote' as the shimmering effects on the guitar make for a great song that has me thinking of some of the stuff Gunfire Dance did - an odd comparison maybe but the feeling is in there. Which only leaves the final track which happens to be a wild chase through 'I Wanna Be Your Man' and then it's all over. A crazy trip indeed and I must admit an enjoyable one as well as I venture into dual language records again since the last time I think I listened to a Dirty Water release. They certainly know how to pick 'em and Hollywood Sinners deliver the goods on a timeless garage headfuck of an album.

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