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Soulseller: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

[translated by Google]

“One of the most dynamic groups you could wish to see, this is surely how The Sonics would sound were they were young guys in their twenties today in the early 21st Century. . . if they were from Spain. Faster than a fast food order from a chick on roller skates, this is more a gang than a band, and are here to fuck shit up and die young!”   Dirty Water Records

What a description... and it is right from the top down. The three Spaniards on their new album give out quickly to one of the strongest garage/punk publications of the year. This mixture of Brachialität and in a good mood is difficult to.

From madness floated the Hollywood Sinners plays by twelve Sixties firecracker all this all functions. The band is to avoid awarded their live energy on plate, because what we Disastro Garantito get to hear is inferior their concerts in nothing. Fast impetuously, wild, always forward and always with the correct little hand for melody and Beat.

Certainly Edu Sinner had or other of Sonic plate under the pillow than the song on this album was written. Doing good is it that stupidly we did not abgekupftert here. It sounds a lot more to as having incorporated some time of the Sixtieslegende accompany and a good burden of its Spirits. Your own ideas it does not lack the Hollywood Sinners.

Good Sixtiesmusik befriends made here zweilfellos early Christmas present. Who has so far not interested in the music of the sixties, anti-gate A HEARINg and he/she to notice it a lot of music gives them value shall be discovered in Disastro.

A really good album!

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