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Sax & Violins: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Like many record labels that specialise in a specific genre, Dirty Water is pretty much the last word in modern garage rock. So though I’d not heard of the Hollywood Sinners before, when I opened this CD and saw the label informing me it was a Dirty Water records release I felt in safe in hands. This release is a little different though, in that despite what you might think from the name, Hollywood Sinners are from Spain. Like an injection of pure adrenalin, when you pop the latest album from Hollywood Sinners into your player, the rush it delivers is enough to almost make your heart explode. Racing faster than Speedy Gonzales on steroids, ‘Disastro Garantito’ (translation: ‘Guaranteed Disaster’) fuses seventies punk attitude with authentic 60’s garage rock played at 100mph. With the vocals fervently delivered in Spanish it’s virtually impossible to understand anything Edu Sinner sings, but the songs here are played with such enthusiasm and contain so many outstanding guitar riffs, especially on ‘Roller Coaster,’ the thrill levels they induce are so off the scale it really doesn’t matter. One of the best albums I’ve heard this year! 9/10

Mark Cousens

Dirty Water Records London