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Rockisome: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

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First job over this explosive band of rock and roll led by the famous DJ, producer and guitarist , Healer Selecta, which began to walk this band almost as a laboratory product. But do not trabuquedes, as showed us their recent performances peninsular , this does not contradicts the fact that explosive led by singer Kay Elizabeth (Lisa Kekaula shakes!) Dustaphonics the live band are fused to a maximum, which conveys strength, feeling and equally fun.

Disk his music not disappoint, and reputed as the sonar needs to rock and roll, live, fresh and direct, without unnecessary gimmicks, no perfectionism dehumanizing, but quite the opposite , as if it were recorded in the mid '60s .

Open the disc with "Eat My Dustaphonics" an instrumental surfing in the best tradition, which lembrarate Dick Dale, Link Wray and company. The next song, "Burlesque Queen" has a remarkable saxophone, comes to a swampy blues, dragged, decadent, which also has a vocal intrepretación simply sublime ... and so to add fourteen songs which blend very natural rock, rythm'n ' blues, garage, surf and soul. Emphasize topics such as "The Jinx" or "Party Girl," which in other circumstances (say if the mass audience had a certain musical taste, so true ... ) would be winning all listings successes, in the case of catchy songs and dance no more power. Dedicate a song ("Tura faster pussycat") to finada Tura Satana, who incidentally wrote the lyrics of "Burlesque Queen" .

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