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Planeta Indie: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

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Slight joy that we bring for today, Gnuggets of The Wildebeests, is a compilation that has sent to the seal Dirty Water Record in honor to some of the bands of garage and rock more powerful and productive `n `roll of the last years. A double album with all the 7, singles and EP's that sent British Wildebeests between year 1994 and the 2006.

An essential disc and an authentic wonder that will make the delights of all the lovers of the garajeros sounds more mod, crude and greasy, occurs to appointment sounds derived from the surf, the rock and the punk but always with the essence of the garage here more hooligan as flag. In this double album they have been registered 33 really explosive devices of the one of the more influential garajeras bands absolutely world, between this good handful of songs you were with acertadísimas versions always chosen with an exquisite taste, and interpreted in the majority of the cases with more beaten than the original subject, to put an example the Mongoloid of I must, that the Wildebeests interpret giving him to the touch macarra brand of the house, very hard-hitting, with a section of threatening cord and a pegadizo refrain by all chanted at some time, but that this occasion the Wildebeests interpret it of the most challenging way and punk. Also they interpret of impeccable way a classic one of rock'n'roll as it is the Please Go Home of the Stones, in the most brutal and very original version where they play with maquinitas to make noise to remove space sounds that flow between abrasive and rasping velvetianas guitars, where they are able to cause that this version is more atmospheric and forceful than the original one. Just as in the garajera version that does not realize of the Dont Gimme Lip of Dave Berry, that is an authentic one enjoyed, you cannot either be lost the version tube that makes of the subject Gorilla Got Me of the London band The Hammersmith Gorillas, that is an authentic barbarism, without words, to verify it in Spotify, vaís to flipar.

A delicious caramel in the form of compilation that thanks to the seal Dirty Water Record we can enjoy the almost unattainable work of this emblematic London trio called The Wildebeests, unattainable because to do to you with 7 an original one of the time it is almost impossible mission.

To say of them, that they follow in active-duty and that the past month of July country was of visit by our where poster did hollow in of festival Turborock 2010, and where we chose Spook to enjoy their sweaty and demolishing direct one which we really left hairdos, and a strong pain in the hips and the neck.

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