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Musicopolis: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Disastro Garantito [Dirty Water Rcs., 2011] is the third long duration of this toledano trio that responds to the name of Hollywood Sinners, in whose formation it appears Edu Sinner, the organizer of the Go Sinner Go Fest by which there are past, among others, Reigning Sound, The Lyres, The Standells, The IBRDs,

For those who have still not had the fortune to know this trio, their musical references are placed in the garage-punk sixtie and if you like the first works of Dr. Explosion, they will enchant to you. In addition, the connection with the Asturian plot is reaffirmed in the fact that Disastro Garantito Perrotti Circus has been recorded in the studies, property deJorge Explosion, that also appears in the song that closes the album.

Alternating the Castilian with English, gutting powerful and the addictive ones riffs of vitalista garage-punk, although without making disgusts to other rates more beat, MGP All That's She Wrote - and even approaching the punk made in 1977, as Have You Ever Been In Jail; Hollywood Sinners has invoiced one of best national discs than we took of year.

Brilliant, direct, funny, of immediate effect and attractive end for any fan of the sesentistas sounds invoiced by minds upset in some cellar poorly illuminated. With subjects that will catch to you immediately as That's Alright; the energetics at the same time as descacharrante Bones; Roller Coaster, with those floating guitars that remember a13th Floor Elevators or to the Pushin' Too Hard of The Seeds; or that acid critic to the hippismo happened of revolutions called Paquito Hurricane.

One of discs than we took of season, invoiced by a direct group with a devastating one that, until the moment, seems to be more successful beyond our borders. You do not allow it! Take control of the vinyl of Disastro Garantito of Hollywood Sinners and goes to his concerts Or you will regret when or behind schedule.

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